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Friday, January 9, 2015

Ellicott City H Mart

   Last week I checked out the new H Mart in Ellicott City on Route 40 where the old Shoppers used to be.  The proliferation of Asian markets along Route 40 apparently hasn't reached the saturation point yet. 

    This market is very similar to the H Mart farther out Route 40 in terms of the selection of foods.  With that being said it is more convenient than having to drive all the way out Route 40 to Catonsville or beyond.

Nice selection of vegetables.  Fruits were more limited maybe because of the winter season.

Some of the items I picked up are some of my favorites like the sesame mochi,

the White King Hotcakes that are a slightly sweet light pancake that I come to love,

     and finally the raisin tea drink that is great hot or cold.  A must try if you haven't had this drink.

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