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Monday, January 19, 2015

A surprise for the baby boom generation

      I remember a time when we baby boomers thought of ourselves as a revolutionary generation.  We challenged authority, created a sexual revolution and changed the world that our parent's WWII generation knew.  They might have been the "greatest generation" but we would be the ones who would define what the world would look like for future generations.  Little did we realize we would be defined more for being the last generation of the pre-digital world rather than defining the future.
      I thought of this new reality on a recent trip when the first thing I did after arriving at my hotel room was connecting my computer to the hotel wi fi.  Somehow not being digitally connected (except for my phone) was a priority over unpacking my suitcase.  How times have changed.  I still find myself with one foot in the digital age and one foot in the pre-digital age.  I still use a paper map to verify what my GPS navigation system is telling me the best route is.  I still carry a paper pocket calendar even thought I use a Google calendar.  I use my smartphone for almost all my calls but still have a landline.  I get most of my news from MSN but still get the paper edition of the Baltimore Sun and watch the evening news.  I pay most bills online but still write some checks.  I still read printed books but own a Kindle.
      I guess we baby boomers have to be satisfied with being a transitional generation and not the revolutionary generation we thought we were.
    I recently dreamed the Baltimore Sun announced they would stop publishing their print edition.  I know this reality is only a short time away.

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