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Monday, January 5, 2015

A week of blog reading

     Interesting how lazy you can get not doing a daily blog.  I thought that I would spend every day browsing the blogs on HoCo Blogs last week.  Somehow it was harder for me to have the discipline to read blogs daily than to write one.  I did find some blogs that I plan on checking in the future.  Not surprisingly the food blogs caught my attention the most.  Too bad there aren't many politically oriented blogs although HoCo Rising and The 53 do a good job of touching on local politics.  Nice having Tom Coale back as a blogger. Thanks to Tom I learned of a couple of blogs that cover the local scene.  Is This Thing On? has some interesting observations of people around our town. Another of Tom's recommendations, Spartan Considerations, is a blog I plan on checking with regularly.
    Now the food blogs.  Can you believe there is a blog devoted to popcorn?  Talk about an narrow focus for a blog.  My favorite blog post was from My Soup for You on raspberry cream cheese french toast.  Tried the recipe and it was pretty good.  On a healthier note the grilled shrimp with citrus and fennel salad with Three Beans on a String was something I have to try.  The blogger was also talking about doing program called Whole30 which apparently encourages people to eat healthier for 30 days.  Not sure about the trendy eating plans.  Sensible eating usually just means eating less meat, more fruits and vegetables, less dairy and only whole grains.
     If you follow this blog you know that environmental issues are something that I have posted about on a regular basis.  Since I met with Ned Tillman a month ago I have been reading the two books he wrote that have a great deal of stories about our local environment.  I have learned so much about our environment from these books and will be posting more about the books soon.  Ned's blog called Saving the Places We Love is a great blog on the environment.

    Surprising to see how few religious organizations post in the Faith section and companies in the Company section.  The world of blogs still hasn't reached each group apparently.

    I realize that my reading of new blogs would not be possible except for HoCo Blogs.  Thanks again Jesse.



Paula said...

I'm so glad you liked the baked french toast I posted. I hope you try some of my other recipes, too! Thanks for reading!

Ned said...

Thanks for the inspiration to read more blogs by our neighbors. It seems like we get to carried away to take the time to keep up with other people's thoughts. There is a lot of good stuff out there.