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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The role of libraries in a changing world

  As a long time supporter of our HoCo Library I have blogged often on how our Library is expanding the concept of what a library is all about in our digital world.  I recently read a report from the Aspen Institute that discussed this new role in a comprehensive manner.  Here is a short summary of what the report discussed:

    "Public libraries are poised to play a leading role in helping individuals and communities adapt to this changing world. Many libraries already are linking individuals to information and learning opportunities, driving development and innovation, and serving as community connectors. With nearly 9,000 public library systems and 17,000 library branches and outlets across the country, there is already a significant physical presence and infrastructure to leverage for long-term success. Enabling all libraries to fulfill their new roles will require library leaders, policy makers and community stakeholders to re-envision the public library and take advantage of the opportunities it offers."

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