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Saturday, November 15, 2014

HoCo Library a "Top Shelf" library

   We all know that our Library has been recognized for being the best library in North America but now the Library as been recognized as a "Top Shelf" library.  What does this mean?  The Washington Post had this to report:

    " The annual Library Journal Index tallies the number of library visits, items checked out, attendees at programs and public computer use reported by every public library in the country. Then it measures how those numbers stack up against other libraries with similar budgets to evaluate the volume of services each library provides, per capita, to its community."
    " Howard County’s library system was one of only three libraries in Maryland to make the cut. It earned a five-star rating — the top grade — and was judged the second most-effective library overall in its spending bracket in the entire country."
  Here is the full report.


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