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Friday, November 28, 2014

Post Thanksgiving pizza??

   It may sound strange to think of the ingredients of a Thanksgiving dinner on a pizza but with a little creativity it can be the basis for a really great pizza.  It can be a better alternative than another turkey casserole for a post Thanksgiving meal.

  After rolling out your dough a little Tzatziki sauce mixed with an equal amount of mashed potato makes the first layer of the pizza.

The second layer is sauteed onion, corn and chopped turkey

A little cranberry sauce adds some sweetness to the pizza, some sauerkraut to make it a Maryland Thanksgiving pizza and then finish with your favorite cheese as a topping.  

The finished product came out of the oven with a leftover Thanksgiving treat that my family loved and it maybe a new Thanksgiving tradition.


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Brent The Brewer said...

This looks and sounds delicious Duane!

A few months back I made some pulled pork in the crock pot. With the wife being a vegetarian, I had plenty of it left over. That same week my wife bought some flat bread at Wegmans to make pizza. We had a couple of flat breads left over in the package when we were done with pizza night.

Looking to eat some leftovers, I got the idea to toss some pulled pork on the flat bread, using BBQ sauce as the "pizza sauce", adding some chopped onions and sprinkling it with some cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella. That pizza was beyond delicious and something I'll definitely try again with other various leftovers.