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Thursday, June 5, 2014

National Harbor pre-casino

    I recently had a chance to visit National Harbor near the Wilson Bridge off the Capitol Beltway.  Having seen it from afar on the Beltway it was interesting to see it up close.  It resembled a small city and reminded me a little of downtown Reston.  Upscale shops, restaurants and hotels make up what is there now.

  A large convention center serves as the anchor.

This is all pre-casino.

      With the recent awarding to MGM to develop a casino at National Harbor this location could attract even more conventions and conferences.
   We have seen the progress of casinos in Maryland from its early forms of gambling in Cecil County with the Hollywood Casino in Perryville to the Maryland Live Casino in Arundel Mills to the soon to open Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore.   Once the casino gets built here I can only imagine how it will change the features of National Harbor or the traffic on the Capitol Beltway near the Wilson Bridge.


   Ever wonder what happened to the "Awakening" sculpture that used to be at the end of Hains Point?  It is now at National Harbor.  When Hains Point would flood it always looked like a drowning man.

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