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Friday, June 20, 2014

Columbia: No palm trees but yes to bananas trees

    One of the things I have always wanted to plant at my home in Columbia is a palm tree.  Somehow this symbol of warmer climates is something that I love seeing traveling to tropical beach.  I know that some restaurants in our area beaches bring in palm trees for the summer season but they can't last our winters.  But I may have the next best thing that we can grow in our area.  Banana trees.  The picture below is from a house across the street from the Kings Contrivance Village Center.  I took this picture last fall and always wanted to stop by the owners house to see if that was a real banana tree.

    Last week I saw a person in the yard of the home and decided this was the right time to check out this tree.

 What I found was the they have multiple banana trees in their yard.

   The owner said they were afraid that the trees would not survive our cold past winter but they seem to have survived just fine.  The loose their leaves in the winter but everything grows back just fine in the Spring.  Unfortunately these trees haven't yet produced the miniature bananas that supposedly grow on these trees.  The best news is that these trees can be purchased at Home Depot.   Seems like my next purchase in my attempt to diversify my yard plantings. 

      So for all you "oldies" out there and I really mean "oldies" here is a song of which you may have heard.


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