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Friday, June 6, 2014

Cuba de Ayre

      I remember in the 1970's traveling through Miami trying to find a Cuban restaurant that I understood had true Cuban food.  The area got seedier the farther I went but I was determined to find this place.  It did have great food and have tried to eat in Cuban restaurants when I travel.  Fortunately I now don't have to go far to find Cuban food.  Cuba de Ayer in off Route 29 in Burtonsville is a popular spot on any weekend night.
    Pernil, traditional Cuban roasted Pork, shown above is one of my favorite dishes.  This pork is marinated with bitter orange juice, lemon juice, garlic and pepper, dressed with onions. Moros y Cristianos which is a black bean and rice dish is a great side dish with a choice of maduros (sweet plantains) or tostones.

    The Cuban sandwich is my next favorite dish. I borrowed a photo above from HowChow for this dish.

     This morning taking a beautiful hike in Park City, Utah I couldn't help thinking about something my Father said to me when I graduated from high school.  He told me I was lucky to be graduating when I did because young men he knew when he was in school were being drafted in World War II to be part of the D-Day Invasion 70 years ago.  Sad to think we still resolve disputes in such tragic ways.


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