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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Loss of "civility" in the District 9B House of Delegates race

      In Howard County we are defined by our trademark "Choose Civility" bumper stickers.  Compared to the political games played at the State and National level we have always seemed to hold our elections in a civil manner.  We always have quality candidates running for office in Howard County.  This pattern unfortunately has not been followed in the District 9B House of Delegates race for the Democratic nomination.  I have always avoided blogging on local politics as there are other bloggers who follow the political scene here more than I do but this time I am making an exception.
      Rich Corkran has put out political flyers that make out his opponent, Tom Coale, to be a Tea Party ally.  The fact that Tom has recently switched from being a Republican to a Democrat hardly means that he has anything in common with the Tea Party.  I have known Tom as a fellow blogger and advocate for the homeless and children in foster care in Howard County.  The number of charitable causes with which Tom has been involved are too numerous to mention.  As a Republican or a Democrat Tom is the type of elected official that would make Howard County a better place to live.  To be smeared by an opponent in this manner is something that just doesn't play well in Howard County.

   The Marshmallow Man captures this issue in more detail.


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Deena Dietrich said...

yes i received that mailer yesterday and was appalled. good luck tom!