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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Celebrate Jim Rouse's 100 birthday today

      Even though Jim Rouse's 100th birthday would have been last month the official celebration of this event will occur at Merriweather Post Pavilion today.

From CA:
    "The community is invited to a community gathering that is free, fun, and entertaining with an important message. Jim Rouse died in 1996. If he had lived he would be celebrating his centennial on April 26. Jim Rouse applied a philosophy of hope and optimism to everything he did and accomplished much because of it. The party on May 4 is a time to remember his contributions and honor his legacy of brilliant expectations and the power of optimism.

    The main stage will feature a musical tribute starring the talented and energetic Young Columbians and special guests, presented by Toby Orenstein, founder of Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts, the Young Columbians and Toby’s Dinner Theatre. Kid-friendly activities, light refreshments and a chance to join friends and neighbors create an atmosphere which Jim Rouse would have enjoyed.

Gates open at 4:30, and the program will run from 5:00-7:00

This is a non-ticketed free event, please RSVP if you plan on attending."


   While out looking at the storm damage this past week I saw a bird that looked like a sparrow but the coloring was much lighter than the other sparrows.  Thanks to Googling "blond sparrow" I learned that this is a leucistic sparrow.  Genetically they are between a regular sparrow and and albino sparrow. Leucistic  sparrows are very unusual but not as rare as an albino sparrow.  What did we do before Google?


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