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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grotto's Pizza opens in Maryland!

     For those of us who remember summers at Rehoboth Beach or Dewey Beach having Grotto's Pizza was a fond memory of those beach weeks.  Tasting the Grotto's Pizza always makes me think of sand, the Boardwalk, salt water and suntan lotion.  For the past few years I have been buying Grotto's cheese and sauce at the Grotto's in Seaford, Delaware just to be able to have their pizza taste at home.

    Now with the first Maryland Grotto's opening 19 miles away in Gambrill's, off Route 3, at the Waugh Chapel Shopping Center this week it will be easier to enjoy Grotto's pizza year around.  This is only the first of other locations in our area that will open in the future.

    Visiting Grotto's last night I found the place large enough to hold 350 patrons in its sports themed restaurant.  You could tell it was their first week with the 30 minute wait for pizza and the wait staff being unsure of their tasks.  But the pizza was the usual great pizza.  I had a pizza called the Grand Fiesta made with grilled chicken, tomato, roasted corn, red pepper, onion and pepperjack cheese topped with chipotle sauce.  I had never had the pizza but it is worth a try.
     If Grotto's ever opened in Columbia I know I would gain 20 pounds!  You can have your Ledo's I will take Grotto's any day.



Anonymous said...

Please don't poo poo Ledo's there pizza is still very good but it's nice to have another choice.

duanestclair said...

It is interesting that the pizza we grow up with is always the best. Others who haven't grown up on that pizza wonder what we like about it. This is the way I view Ledo's. Those in this area love it but I find the sauce too sweet.

Anonymous said...

I believe Grotto's pizza opened its first Maryland restaurant during Summer 2013 in Ocean City, MD.