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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tomato fantasies ??

     Happy Earth Day.  The Earth giveth and the Earth taketh away.  Another Spring and another attempt at growing tomatoes.   We unfortunately don't have a yard that lends itself to a garden.  Our backyard is wooded and our front yard gets very little sun until the afternoon.

     The builders of our house must have graded off all the top soil when they landscaped our lot.  Maybe they sell the top soil to make extra cash.  What they left us with is hard clay.  I have purchased a ton of top soil at Home Depot but to no avail. I have mulched leaves to improve the soil.  I have ended up trying different containers to grow tomatoes with limited success.

    I even got tricked into trying those hanging planters that have your tomatoes growing upside down.

       My tomato crop over the years would probably fill only one small crate.  I still buy most of my summer tomatoes at farmers market.  But just like baseball teams during Spring training I always think that this will be the year I have success.  So off to Home Depot to buy this years "tomato dreams."

Interesting article on health outcomes related to income inequality.

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