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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Second Year of Cycle2Health to begin soon

   Aging isn't what it used to be.  Baby Boomers aren't content to play bingo at senior centers anymore. Remaining active to have quality retirement years is now the choice of many of these boomers.  In line with this reality the Office on Aging started a Cycle2Health program that exceeded their expectations in the number of people who signed up for this program.

   This program has brought together a wide range of bikers from those who have not ridden a bike since they were children to guys who have been life long riders.  With support from ride leaders everyone can find their skill level and ride comparability.  This year mentors will work with those who want to get back into biking.

    Rides are on Thursday mornings with this year's first ride on May 8th from the East Columbia Senior Center at the East Columbia Library.  There will be a mini-clinic that day and bike check ups by Race Pace and Princeton Sports.  There will be a short ride and a long ride.  You can register for this program online or come to the ride at East Columbia to register.

     Want a little more exercise?  Try some of these hikes posted in the Parks and Rec Activity Guide.

Appalachian Trail Hikes
8 yrs + / Dates below / $17
The Appalachian Trail crossing Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania features
historic Civil War sights and panoramic views of mountains and valleys. Trip
leaders interpret points of interest. All sections are generally between 6 and
9 miles. (Hike leaders keep a moderate pace.) Earn a certificate and patch by
hiking each of the seven sections in the Maryland Appalachian Trail series
at least once within a 3-year period. Earn a 100-mile certificate and patch
by hiking additional miles on the Pennsylvania and Virginia sections of the
Appalachian Trail.

Maryland Appalachian Trail Hike Section #6
Start at a unique monument dedicated to Civil War correspondents and site
of several Union and Confederate battles. Hike through picturesque forests,
catch a glimpse of the panoramic view at Pleasant Valley overlook and enjoy
lunch at cliffs overlooking the Potomac River and the three states.
Moderate terrain: 7 miles.

Gathland State Park to Weverton Cliffs
RP9180.701 Long Gate Park & Ride Apr 12 8 AM-4 PM Sa
Maryland Appalachian Trail Hike Section #7
Hike along the C&O Canal overlooking to the rapids of the Potomac, then
stop for lunch below Maryland Heights at the confluence of the Potomac
and Shenandoah Rivers. Visit the site of John Brown's raid in historic Harpers
Ferry and AT Headquarters. Flat terrain with an optional steep climb to
Maryland Heights: 5.5 miles.

Weverton to Harpers Ferry
RP9180.703 Long Gate Park & Ride May 10 8 AM-4 PM Sa
Maryland Appalachian Trail Hike Section #2
Hike up to Buzzards Knob, then pass a spruce forest and on to a scramble
over the Devils Racecourse rock formations, a river of stone formed by the
Ice Age. Moderate terrain with one extended climb and hills: 6 miles.
High Rock to Wolfsville Road
RP9180.704 Long Gate Park & Ride May 31 8 AM-4 PM Sa


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