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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New prison to be located in Town Center

       To accommodate the need for more prison space with the closing of the women's prison in Jessup the Maryland Department of Prisons announced yesterday that many of the female prisoners will be transferred to the newly constructed prison in Columbia's redeveloped Town Center.  Many residents of Columbia had been curious about the building being constructed next to the new residences being built near the Mall and with yesterday's announcement the windowless building mystery is solved.

Maryland Department of Prisons spokesman Barnard Crook, former Prince Georges County Police Chief, spoke about how the Department hoped that by locating the prison close to work release employment opportunities the rate of recidivism could be reduced.  Spokesman Crook spoke about a possible future date for an open house for the community to visit the new building.  Community reaction has been mixed.  One resident was quoted as saying that she hoped the new prisoners would adhere to the County's motto of "Choose Civility."  The Columbia Association has not commented on a proposal for offering a reduced membership rate to its new Town Center Wellness Retreat to the prison's "residents."


March in like a lion out like a lamb.

This year how about March 30 snow like a lion and

March 31st at 65 degrees like a lamb


   The contractor that has been hired by the County to work on the sewer line along the Little Paxtuxent bike path has been leaving the bike path so muddy that it is almost unusable in spots.  It wouldn't take much work to have the contractor clear this mud to allow its recreational use during this work.  When contractors do work on my house they clean up their messes each day.  Maybe the County should take this up with the contractor doing this work.


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