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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Choose Civility" Government

   Those of us in Howard County are spoiled by the quality of our elected officials.  While we see jurisdictions all around us have one political scandal after another we are fortunate to have honest, accessible elected officials.  Taking civility to the extreme our present County Executive was even willing to hire his former opponent in his run for County Executive. This is in contrast to shutting down a bridge because a mayor won't endorse you.
     I was reminded of this reality when the end of this year's General Assembly brought to an end the elected careers of two former County Executives who have served Howard County for decades.   I was fortunate to work in the County Government under both Jim Robey and Liz Bobo.  Both of these Executives went on to continue their service to our County in the General Assembly and bring credit to our County in Annapolis.  It's unfortunate that Howard County has had too small a population base in the past to provide our elected officials a large enough political base to run for statewide office.  Maryland could benefit from some of our elected officials having the same opportunities to serve in statewide offices as less competent officials from Baltimore and the Washington suburbs. This reality is hopefully changing as can be seen with Lt. Governor Brown selecting our present County Executive as his running mate.  Hopefully in the not too distant future Howard County officials will be at the top of these tickets.  Maybe it is time for more "Howard County civility" in Annapolis.

    It might be nice to email Liz and Jim and thank them for their service to our County.


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