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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Royal Taj lunch buffet

 A couple of months ago a friend of mine and I decided to try the lunch buffet at the Royal Taj on McGaw Road.

   Little did we know that getting there at noon would mean that we would have a long wait for a table. We made a note to try a return trip back at 11:30 when they opened the buffet.  Yesterday we finally got back to try the buffet.  Arriving right at 11:30 we found the restaurant already half full with the line already formed back to the door.  But this time we were able to at least grab one of the tables before it was entirely full at 11:45.

    For $14 it is easily a steal.  Many of the dishes on the buffet were the dishes you would pay that much for at dinner.  Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Vindaloo were both offered on the buffet and each cost $15 at dinner.  Alu Gobi which is a cauliflower and potato dish was a spicy veggie dish. Tandoori chicken and naan were included.  For dessert Kheer the traditional sweet rice dessert and a sweet carrot puree was outstanding.  I wish I would have asked for the recipe on the carrot puree dessert as it was amazing.
     When I asked the owner about the rumor of the restaurant moving to the building housing the Applebee's in the Restaurant Park he confirmed their move set now for January 2015.  His reasons for moving were more space and he would own the building and not just be renting.  I have no doubt that his lunch business will follow him to the Restaurant Park.
     If you go for the buffet just remember to start your lunch at 11:30 and not noon.


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