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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bird mystery in Columbia

      When it comes to bird watching I know very little.  Hawks are big and wrens are small.  Getting beyond that level of bird knowledge is beyond me.  But recently on walks along the bike path that parallels Dobbin Road I have noticed birds that are blue and that I can't really identify.  I am familiar with blue birds and know that they are small and have a rust colored breast like the picture below.

    The birds I have been seeing along the bike path are bigger than a wren and only slightly smaller than a robin.   Looking in a bird book I have come across the Black Throated Blue Warbler like the one pictured below.

    Unfortunately every time I have seen these birds I have only had my cell phone to take a picture and the zoom on the phone doesn't give a picture with good resolution.  Does anyone know how common these warblers are in our area? Can blue birds get large enough to be fooling me into thinking they are some other type of bird?



Anonymous said...

I once had a junco and black throated blue standing right next to each other. Funny things is, I thought it was a weird junco!

Carol said...

See the comment on Facebook's MD Birding page, where I shared your question: