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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Whatever happened to Linda Tripp?

    We all remember the notoriety that Columbia received with the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal from the 1990's.  It was our very own Columbia resident Linda Tripp who spilled the beans on her friend Monica.  As a resident of Cricket Pass in Hickory Ridge Village she had gawkers passing her house daily hoping to get a look at this newsmaker.  The attention apparently got to be too much and she quickly relocated to Virginia never to be heard from again----until yesterday in my email inbox.
    Apparently she has remarried and is now Linda Tripp Rausch of Middleburg, Virginia.  Now married to Dieter Rausch they are the proprietors of the Christmas Sleigh in Middleburg.  I have no idea why I got an email announcing all their Christmas merchandise.  Maybe they Googled her name and my blog post came up.  It is curious that she uses her full name that includes Tripp.  I wouldn't have known it was her if she had just used Linda Rausch.


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