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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Tuesday: Become an "unselfie"

       First it was Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday.  What is next---Buy American Wednesday? Somehow we all seem a little uncomfortable how consumerism has overtaken many of our holidays.  None more so than Christmas.  The frenetic shopping, traffic jams at local stores and way too much food.  While this maybe the daily cycle for most of us this time it is also a time when those less fortunate struggle with daily misfortunes.  Illness, poverty, depression and other a lack of a supportive family mar this festive time.  With this in mind we should all pause today and do something to recognize this reality for many of those in our community who may be in need at this time.
      Giving Tuesday was started last year as a time to have a way to step back for one day and reflect on what really matters in life. Not what we possess but what we give to others. This year it is today December 3rd.  This giving can be in many forms.  A hug to someone to let them know you care about them, a donation to a local charity, a visit to someone that is home bound, an apology to someone you hurt or telling someone how much they mean to you.  Hopefully Giving Tuesday becomes every Tuesday (or better yet every day) of the year.
     Want to know if money can make you happy?  Listen to this TED Talk.

    Today I am making a donation to Our House in Olney, Maryland.  I got to know Richard (Benny) Bienvenue when Our House was housed at Taylor Manor.   Their mission is to to teach carpentry skills, workforce readiness, and GED preparation to abandoned, abused, homeless, and orphaned teenage boys.
Their work is truly inspiring.

    A few of other suggested ways to make a difference is to volunteer with Pets on Wheels at the Howard County Office on Aging, volunteer to be a driver with Neighbor Ride, make a donation to the Howard County United Way Community Partnerships, become a Friend of the Library, join the network to help foster youth, make a donation of food to the Community Action Food Bank or volunteering with Grassroots.

  Word of the year? Check it out.  Our Attorney General helped it out this year.


JessieX said...

Great piece, Duane. I love Our House and the work Benny and his crew do, the young men and their beautiful farm and space. I don't know if I've ever seen a Kickstarter campaign with a million dollar perk before but I know they've got a big capital campaign going on, and I did recently donate ... though not at the top end. :-)

Josie said...

There actually is a day for buying American...sigh. I just found out about it today: Makers Monday.

Wanna bet who came up with the idea? An American company that sells American goods who want to take your American dollars.