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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Voices from Sandy Hook Families

        One of those once in a lifetime moments that I still remember was watching each of my children board the bus for their first day of kindergarten. Somehow seeing their faces in the bus window as the bus pulled away was one of the first moments that you recognize that your children will be pulling away from you in different stages as they grow older.  Dance recitals, school holiday programs, softball and volleyball games, graduations and the drive to drop them off at college all followed that first day of kindergarten.  As a grandparent I appreciate more how quickly these moments with young children pass.  Somehow our pictures are an effort to freeze the growing up process for just a bit.  I know all too soon I will be attending their graduations.
       While the pictures of the children were being taken I couldn't help but think of those parents and grandparents who saw their children go off to school last December 14th and didn't have them come home.  I can't image the pain of having to experience that event.  The families of Sandy Hook have developed a webpage for sharing their feelings and communicating with the others how this event has altered their lives in the past year.  It is hard to read some of the stories and not think of our children and how the joy they bring to our lives should never be taken for granted.  It could all end so suddenly.   To learn more about those killed that day click here.       

      I would be remissed if I didn't point how children are killed all too frequently in our cities every week. Here are examples of just 2 examples of this tragedy in Baltimore this year.  We should be as outraged with the innocent deaths of these inner city kids as we are when tragedy strikes in a suburban community.

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