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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fried green tomatoes time again

    Last November I blogged about how this is the time of the year to have fried green tomatoes.  Most of our remaining tomatoes in our gardens are not going to ripen at this point in the growing season.  Frost is about to kill any of our remaining tomato plants.  Yesterday I picked the last of the remaining green tomatoes and fried them and added a few other ingredients that made them even better this year.

    This year I used a tempura batter and added some goat cheese after frying. After that I drizzled the fried tomatoes with some balsamic vinegar pictured below.

   What comes to mind when I say balsamic vinegar?  Bitter, strong, tart?  You haven't tasted good quality balsamic.  Williams Sonoma in the Columbia Mall (yes I go there once in a while) has a balsamic vinegar that shows what a quality balsamic tastes like.  At $30 a bottle it might seem like a lot to spend but it is worth it. It is like having a really good wine after tasting Boone Farm wine all your life.  This vinegar is light and slightly sweet. The bottle above lasts me for most of the year.

   Tomorrow, November 3rd at sunrise, about 6:30 EST we will see a partial solar eclipse of the sun. Remember that we go back to standard time early tomorrow morning. Looks like the weather should be good for seeing this.

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