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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cycle 2 Health finishes its first year

    We Baby Boomers have always redefined the aging process.  Remember the saying "Never trust anyone over 30?"  Guess what happened?  We aged into that population group and found out it had some advantages.  Now as many of us are in the 60+ age group we still have some issues with the aging process.  Bingo? Chair aerobics? Those were for our parents or grandparents.  Recognizing this reality the Howard County Office on Aging instituted a Cycle2Health program this past Spring to bring together those of us Baby Boomers who wanted to cycle around Howard County and enjoy meeting our fellow Boomers in a relaxed way and promote an active lifestyle.

    Most of the rides were on paths or roads in Howard County or surrounding areas.

   All rides had a short and a long ride.  Short rides were generally at a more leisurely pace and around 12-15 miles.  Long rides were usually for more experienced riders and were around 20 or more miles.

   Many of the riders who started these rides were returning to biking after many years and quickly became more comfortable with biking as the season wore on.  Whatever level bikers were at they could find other bikers at their level.

Some of the rides went to locations where bikers could gather to have some food or refreshments.

   Last week the first season was celebrated at Bertucci's with a wrap up luncheon and distribution of biking jerseys.  Plans are being made for next year's biking season.  Interested persons can learn more by contacting Jennifer Lee at the Office on Aging at 410-313-5980.


Some folks down under know how to put up a light display!

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