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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A sugar high for Christmas

      This year the Horizon Foundation has been promoting its efforts to ban sugary drinks.With the levels of obesity in most communities this is only part of the problem. The holiday food items that we have advertised from our local eateries this holiday season should give us pause.  I thought I would list just some of the holiday offerings from some of the places I have seen locally.  No one would ever associate Dunkin Donuts with healthy eating but this year they are promoting a red velvet donut and red velvet latte.  The cream cheese icing is literally "icing on the cake."  

    Starbucks may have started out as a coffee establishment but those days are long gone.  They sell more frappuccinos then coffee these days.  Many drinks come with whipped cream on top.  Their peppermint mocha is an annual offering.  I do have to say that I look forward to their Christmas blend coffee. 

       Even Panera Bread has gotten into the sugary offerings this year.  The Signature Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chip Marshmallows, made from a syrup of chocolate and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, is sure to raise your blood sugar a few notches.

      This Panera dessert is a caramel apple bread pudding.  

    With the average person putting on 5 pounds during the holidays sugary drinks maybe only a small part of the obesity problem.


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