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Monday, January 21, 2013

Presidential Inaugural Quiz

With today's inauguration I thought it might be fun to see how much you might know about past inaugurations.  Answers below.

1) Whose inauguration took place in April?
2) Name the two presidents who were sworn in four times.
3) Who gave the longest inaugural speech, caught a cold and died a month later?
4) In what month have the most presidents been sworn in?
5) Which president had the first inaugural ball?
6) First president to ride to and from the swearing in in a car.
7) Only president sworn in by a woman.
8) Only president sworn in by his father.
9) Which president was sworn in on the warmest and coldest days?
10) Only person to have taken the presidential oath and to have administered it?

1) George Washington
2) Franklin Roosevelt and Barak Obama
3) William Henry Harrison
4) March
5) James Madison
6) William Harding
7) Lyndon Johnson
8) Calvin Coolidge
9) Ronald Reagan
10) William Taft

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