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Friday, January 11, 2013

Male menopause

    There used to be a time when men recognized that there would be some changes as the women  approached those middle age years.  Hot flashes and other changes with menopause made us feel glad that we weren't women.  What did we have to endure that could compare?   Boy were we wrong.  If you follow the commercials that are shown with shows that attract middle age men you begin to realize the extent of physical problems we have to endure.
     A few years ago the market for middle age men was limited to products to encourage hair growth.  The development of Rogaine kicked off the marketing of many products for balding men.  After all who wanted to have a head that looked years older then you were.  It wasn't too long before those of us that avoided baldness but saw our hair turn gray had to try Just For Men hair color.  These commercials showed male athletes that had "lost it with the women" suddenly regaining their "male prowess."
   Jump ahead a few years and we learned about something that really impacted middle age men in a way that really threatened our manhood.  The inability to perform in bed.  ED.  Erectile Dysfunction.  Who knew that what happened so easily at age 18 would require "assistance" to happen at 45.  What cruel trick of nature was redefining our manhood?  Kicking it off was the development of Viagra.
  Somehow men are supposed to feel more comfortable taking Viagra when they see the images of virile cowboys with two day growths of beard solving manly problems and needing a little help in bed.  Now we know where all those cowboy models who used to do cigarette commercials went.   The only problem with the original Viagra pills was that you had to take it 3 hours before it took effect.  This may work for those men who can plan when they need the assistance but then came Cilias for daily use for those who never knew when "the moment was right."
    How can pregnant women ever complain about having to always needing to use the bathroom when aging men (above 50) will have to live with this of their life?  Of course that was before Floxmax.  Has there ever been a more descriptive name for a medication?
    What really got me to write this particular blog is the newest medication directed at aging men.  We all could have figured out that our testosterone levels had dropped some since we were 18 but who knew that there would be a roll on gel to treat this new condition or low testosterone or as the like to call it "low T."  Androgel 1.62 is the new concentrated form of gel that "gets you out of the shadows and back in the game." What game are they referring to?  Is it the same game as the hair color athletes?  Listen to the side effects for this drug.  Nothing like putting every woman or girl in your house in danger of growing "unusual body hair!"  I wonder if any men have ever thought of trying Androgel on their bawling head.  Don't laugh you just know some guys would try something like that.  And just what are the guys in the commercial "constructing?"  Is this what guys do at an Androgel party?
     OK so I hope I have created a little more sympathy for what we "aging" guys have to put up with.  I hope women realize that having a few years of hot flashes is nothing compared to being sentenced to having to pee every 15 minutes for the rest of your life.  To say nothing of the fear of having my wife shaving body hair every day.

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