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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fruit smoothie your way to health

   Like many us the reality that we don't eat our required daily amount of vegetables and fruits is something that we often resolve to change.  But the reality is that many vegetables by themselves just don't taste as good as many other foods that we crave.  Oh I know that there are people out there who extol the delicious taste of vegetables but there are many more of us that prefer a cheeseburger and fries.
    To address this need to add more vegetables and fruits to my diet I have found that one way to make an appetizing drink---the fruit/vegetable smoothie.  While this maybe only a partial way to address adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet it is one way that tastes great and one that I look forward to every morning.  The two combinations of fruits and vegetables that I have found most appealing are listed below:
Carrot, sweet potato, mango, orange smoothie
This smoothie is simple to make and packs a great deal of vitamin C.  I start with roasting the 2 average size sweat potatoes and 3 carrots in the oven.  I wash but don't peel either one.  Peel two mangoes ( I prefer the golden mangoes when I can get them) and 2 oranges.  Put the cooked vegetables and fruit in a food processor and reduce to a paste.
    In a blender add a cup of non fat yogurt ( I prefer the Greek yogurt from Costco) and a 1.5 cups of non fat milk to the fruit/vegetable paste and blend together.  I like to add a little real maple syrup to the mixture when blending to add some sweetness.
     Another smoothie recipe to try is one using celery, spinach, apple juice, granny smith apples, yogurt and milk.  I have also some sparkling white wine to this one for a great brunch drink.

These smoothies make a great substitute when I get hungry in the evening and want a snack.

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