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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Columbia Association presents plans for Symphony Woods tonight

     Tonight (January 31st) at Slayton House at 7:30 the Columbia Association will present the new plan for Symphony Woods which will be an integral part of the downtown development of Columbia.  The images above from CA show some of the designs for Symphony Woods.  As it was explained in the information sent out by CA:
   "The session provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about the Inner Arbor Plan, a concept plan for enhancing the Symphony Woods neighborhood. The session will be set up with three information exchange stations, which allows attendees to get individual attention and answers to questions they have. Those stations will allow attendees to learn and ask about the Inner Arbor Plan, hear about a proposed nonprofit trust that would implement the plan and potential financing opportunities for the plan, and find out about the county government's approval process in regards to the proposal. "


Images of the Patapsco River at flood stage in Ellicott City this morning in photos from the Columbia Patch.

  As we plan for the development of Symphony Woods and downtown Columbia it is fun to look back at "the town of tomorrow" that General Electric spoke of back in the 1960's.  This video was developed by Walt Disney that included his ideas in formulating EPCOT.  As I have blogged Jim Rouse and Walt Disney had a couple of meetings in the early 1960's.  Maybe that is why a monorail transportation system was discussed in some of the early planning meetings for Columbia.

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