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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vegetable Flan at Wegmans

Stopped into Wegman's this week for lunch and bought the two vegetable flans pictured above for less than $5. When you think of flan you think of dessert but these variations looked too good to pass up. The top one is spinach feta flan and the bottom was a lemon artichoke flan.  They were both good with the lemon one the best. 

From CA:
CA offers free admission to outdoor pools for powerless county residents on Sunday, July 1
Open space crews continue to clean up debris from Friday’s storm
With tens of thousands still without electricity in Howard County — and with temperatures once again approaching triple digits — Columbia Association (CA) is opening its outdoor pools for free Sunday, July 1, to Howard County residents to cool off while their power is out.
All but three of CA’s 23 outdoor pools are open Sunday from noon until 7 p.m.; Dickinson, Faulkner Ridge and Longfellow pools are closed until electricity is restored there, as are Supreme Sports Club and Columbia Swim Center.
Howard County residents without electricity who attend CA’s pools on Sunday should identify themselves to pool staff as county residents whose power is out.


Alice Hogan said...

Where are these in Wegmans, I'd love to try them!

Hoco Connect said...

They were in the hot buffet area