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Monday, July 23, 2012

Annual battle against the tomato thieves

       As you can see above when it comes to being a vegetable gardener I have a very modest section of my yard in which I try to grow a few tomatoes.  Unfortunately even this modest effort is worth the deer and groundhogs efforts to get the tomatoes before me.  Usually in this blog I am writing about how much I enjoy the wildlife that I see on my runs in the morning.  I really enjoy sharing our beautiful green spaces with them most of the year but not when it comes to my tomatoes. I finally broke down and bought some plastic mesh to put around the tomatoes.
                                           They are even bold enough to try this in broad daylight.
    I know this battle has two contestants that don't put the same energy into the battle.  On one side are the animals who spend every waking moment thinking about how they will get my tomatoes and on my side I only spend a few minutes every couple of days watering and checking on the tomatoes.  This is a "one-sided" battle.  Maybe that is because for we humans there are always the farmers markets.

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