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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marriage Equality gets big boost

   With President Obama's belated recent endorsement of marriage equality, Gen. Colin Powell endorsement and the NAACP endorsement the possibility of our November referendum vote turning back the effort to repeal the Maryland law for marriage equality has received a big boost.  According to the Public Policy Polling 55% of African Americans say they support marriage equality which is an increase from just over 30% over past polls. With African Americans making up almost 25% of Maryland voters this 180 degree change is significant.  This change leaves opposition mostly to religious conservatives.  These developments may give Maryland voters the first opportunity to have marriage equality approved in a decision by voters.

     President Obama has taken the expected criticism of many supporters for not advancing the causes he advocated during his campaign but with the ending of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the Justice Department's decision to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act and now his endorsement of marriage equality, he should be commended.

   Tonight there is a PLAG meeting at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center to discuss the plans to defeat the expected November referendum on marriage equality.  This is the information on that meeting:

"On Wednesday, May 30 at 7:00 PM we will begin our series of statewide strategy meetings with all of our Maryland PFLAG chapter members to provide important updates about the effort to defend marriage equality in the state, and talk about activities to help educate and engage our loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and fellow parishioners to vote to keep this important law on the books.

What: MD PFLAG State Chapter Member 
Who: All MD PFLAG Chapter Members are encouraged to attend!
When: Wednesday, May 30 @ 7 pm
Where: Owen Brown Interfaith Center (7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, Maryland 21045)
Why: Learn about current status of the state's marriage equality law, and learn what PFLAG can do to protect it!

Please join us for this meeting where you will hear from Marylanders for Marriage Equality, Equality Maryland Executive Director, Carrie Evans, PFLAG National Policy Director, Rhodes Perry, PFLAG National Field Manager, Jamie Curtis, and our special guest, Senator Rich Madaleno. 

1.     Introductions & Meeting Goal 
2.     Campaign Update from Marylanders for Marriage Equality & Equality Maryland
3.     NC Amendment One: Lessons Learned
4.     Key Talking Points for PFLAG chapters
5.     Chapter Activities to Help Educate Communities Statewide
6.     Question & Answers 

Over the next 5 months, we have an unprecedented opportunity to engage in conversations discussing how important it is for ALL couples – straight or gay - to have the freedom to marry, and we look forward to talking with you and your chapter members in more detail about ways we can succeed in keeping this law on the books."

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