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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be all that you used to be: One baby boomer's confession

We baby boomers are good at one thing---denying the advances of age (remember we are the generation that once proclaimed "never trust anyone over 30)." This was brought home to me again in a recent exercise session I recently attended at Lifetime.  Looking for something to really challenge my aging body I asked one to the Lifetime staff what would be a tough workout session.  I was told that the Total Conditioning session was probably the toughest workout session they offered. So denying the reality of my aging body I went to a class.  Big mistake!  I walked into a room of woman in their 20's and early 30's who all looked like gymnasts and very physically fit. All half my age.  No other men.  One participant was warming up by doing splits that any cheerleader would envy.  Do women have an extra hinge in their joints that allow them to do this? How do you sneak out of a room when you feel this intimidated?

So while I am contemplating an escape route the instructor comes in and starts out by saying that she hopes everyone realizes this is a 75 minute class and she hopes she doesn't see anyone sneaking out after 60 minutes.  My idea was much less ambitious---like after 10 minutes!  Was this instructor a drill sargent in another career? 

You do some heavy aerobic exercise and then recover by lifting barbells!  Holy s___!  I am dripping sweat while everyone else is dancing around like they are barely exercising! The instructor was nice enough to come over and show me how I was doing all the exercises wrong.  Wrong? I am just trying to survive this and not have to visit a chiropractor tomorrow. Why was I so vain to think I could do this stuff?  Be all that you used to be? This went far beyond anything I ever was!

Maybe the next time I start thinking this stupidly I should just remember what my kids tell me all the time---"Face it Dad you are not getting old---you are old!"  Anyone know of a good chiropractor?

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