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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What happened to the Tot Lot swings?

          I have been noticing some of the tot lots in my neighborhood have suddenly been missing their swing sets.  Is this just a conversion to different swings or have swings become an insurance liability issue?  Are swings going the way of diving boards and jungle gyms? With the memories of swinging with my kids and now my grandchildren in the tot lot behind our house I hope this development is just temporary.

     Tot lots are another one of those iconic Columbia features that have made us unique.  I remember our children confusing their relatives with the question, "Where are your tot lots?"  Somehow our kids couldn't imagine that all communities didn't have tot lots.  Another one of those "Columbia bubble" realities.

Anyone know of a way to donate used running shoes to a local group?  It seems a shame to throw out the shoes but they are taking up too much space in my closet.


Annie Rie said...

Donating running shoes.

Greenfest on 14 April. I have a post almost done about Greenfest. Nike collects shoes. Howard County web site has the schedule and location of trucks.

They are also collecting bikes at Greenfest.

Julia McCready said...

What Village is this in?

nicole said...

Greenfest is at Howard Community College. I thought I read somewhere recently about donating old shoes, and it was Annie's post today about Greenfest! I also found this old article from the Columbia Patch that talks about it as well:

Hoco Connect said...

Thanks for the info on Greenfest. I will definitely donate my shoes then and it will probably be good for a blog post.

Sean said...

Hi HoCo Connect and company,

This was the swing set in Owen Brown near Angelina Circle. The swing post needed to be replaced. As the wood aged and cured on the swing upright, it formed a crack. To be safe we pulled the swings until it could be replaced. I believe it has been replaced by now. Sean Harbaugh - CA Open Space

duanestclair said...

Thanks for the information Sean!

Sean said...

Sure thing. I was a little quick, the swings will be back up by the end of next week, not this week.