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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Plant invasion in Howard County

      I happened to be going around Lake Elkhorn and saw a sign posted by the Columbia Association that pointed out the plant called garlic mustard and indicated that we should pull the plant out where ever we saw it.  It is invasive and crowds out other plants.  My first thought was that garlic mustard sounds like a plant that would be interesting to cook with and it at least had some nice white flowers.  In searching the internet I found this info on eating the plant.

"Garlic mustard was introduced deliberately, so there must be something good about it. Here's some suggestions on how you can control its spread by eating it. Garlic mustard is not a delicately flavored herb, so in most cases you will look for a recipe where you can mix it in in smaller proportions with some other greens as part of a mix.Linda Diane Feldt's book Spinach and Beyond: Loving Life and Dark Green Leafy Vegetables (Moon Field Press) has some sample recipes for cooked greens that will work with garlic mustard. Use garlic mustard in a proportion of 1-to-4 in recipes like this; you don't want to eat it straight if you have a choice."

    After seeing the sign I noticed the plants around the border of my yard and around many paths in Columbia.  I have pulled out some of the plants but it would seem to require an army of people to even begin to address this issue.

       Maybe CA needs to organize a "attack garlic mustard day" of volunteers. Maybe even make a "Garlic Mustard Festival" with food tasting of recipes using garlic and mustard!

Found this recipe for garlic mustard pesto.
Thanks to the Columbia Patch for alerting us to how Columbia got some attention in the Wall Street Journal recently.


columbia20something said...

So THAT'S garlic mustard! Thanks for adding the pictures. I see this plant everywhere, and I'll do my part to pull it out. I'll have to try cooking it sometime, too!

Sean said...

Thanks for the credit, but CA can't take it. Not sure who put the sign up. As you put so well, and the links expand on, garlic mustard is a invasive plant. This weekend there is an event in the patapsco state park where folks have a good time in pulling the invasive.

If you are someone else is interested in helping plan a similar event for CA, please contact Open Space Management at 410-312-6330. Cheers

jessiex said...

Duane, If you or any or your readers are on pinterest and have interest in wild edibles, check out I'm happy to add other "pinners" who'd like to upload local content.