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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

East Side/ West Side--Can a bridge bring Columbia together?

       The proposed bridge over Route 29, shown above from the Bridge Columbia website, would be an improved connection between east and west Columbia and has been getting a lot of attention since the County Exec put money in his budget this year to do a preliminary study of the feasibility of the bridge.  The bridge would provide a new improved connection for public transportation,bikers and pedestrians.  The existing bridge has been underutilized for a variety of reasons and the new proposed bridge seems to offer a better connection.  This is especially true with the new housing development in Town Center.

      When I first moved to Columbia in the late 1970's the west side of Columbia seemed to have all the developed areas and the east side had many fewer amenities.  The Elkhorn neighborhood to which I moved was almost totally undeveloped.  There was no Village Center and few Columbia Association amenities. Now the reverse seems to be true. Lifetime Gym is just a mile from my house.  BJ's, Trader's Joes, Starbucks, Home Depot and Costco are just around the corner. With the opening of the Wegmans on the east side in June this trend continues. I do miss the Borders book store. The East Columbia library never has the parking problem of the Central Library.  I hardly ever visit the Columbia Mall.    I find myself going to the west side of Columbia less frequently ever year.

New type of red light camera at the entrance to Dobbin Center.

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