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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wegmans Update

Yesterday I attended a meeting where Wegmans representatives discussed their hiring policies and benefits.  Hiring will begin in January for the June 17th opening.  We saw a video of the opening of the Wegmans in  Largo near the Redskin's Stadium.  1500 people were in line when the doors opened the first day with some people waiting in line for 6 hours.  One can only image what the traffic on Snowden Parkway and McGaw Road with be like on June 17th.  I have the feeling that the Wegmans will be a "game changer" in many ways for Columbia.  The store manager, Wendy Webster, explained the many competing stores try to upgrade their stores in advance of the Wegmans. Don't be surprised to see sales at other stores on the 17th.

Like most businesses the jobs in Columbia will be offered first internally to existing Wegmans employees.  In addition to reducing new training this internal advancement encourages employees to stay with the company.  Many of the manager positions at the Columbia store will be filled this way.  Jobs can be applied for at their website once they start the hiring process.  All new hires go through a training period at an existing Wegman's.  Hunt Valley and Largo would be the closest locations.  We were told that they try to work out car pools for new hires living in our area without transportation to one of these sites.

Wegman's has a college internship program with a 1-3 year commitment that is designed to provide work experience to college students that could lead to future management positions with the company.  The students must be in a bachelor's degree program or a 2+2 program at a community college.  Business Management and Food Marketing students preferred. They also try to provide employment with organizations working with special needs populations and those working in other training programs.

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