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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes is more than a movie

For many folks fried green tomatoes is just a movie.  As someone who grew up experiencing this seasonal treat it always meant that Fall was here and the season of real tomatoes was over.  Green tomatoes that would not ripen before the first frost were picked to make things like green tomato relish and green tomato ketchup that were enhanced by the tart taste of a green tomato.  The best use was always to slice them, roll them in a mixture of flour and bread crumbs and fry them.  The tart flavor made them better than other vegetables (fruit?) that you could fry.  A little salt (maybe the Maryland touch of Old Bay) as seasoning and a little sour cream on top made a taste you looked forward to every Fall.


OK have we died and gone to grocery heaven?  First a Wegman's and now "A Tale of Two Cities" reports that Whole Foods is close to signing a lease with Howard Hughes to locate in the Rouse Office Building in Town Center.  No more drives out of the County for groceries!

P.S. 2
Future Starbucks site at Dobbin Center looks like a large Starbucks with drive thru.

P.S. 3  RIP Andy Rooney
Somehow the ending of 60 Minutes has been missing the cranky Andy Rooney this past month but we didn't expect his post 60 Minutes career would be so short. 1919-2011

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