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Monday, November 21, 2011

Howard County Council to make gender identity a protected classification under County law

Recently I blogged on the issue of gender identity.  Tonight the Howard County Council is expected to make gender identity a protected classification under the County's discrimination laws.  Howard County stands in the forefront in making issues of gender and sexual identity protected from the harassment that many gays and transgendered individuals still experience. Unfortunately we still see examples of bullying in our schools related to these two groups.  The beating of a transgendered person in a McDonalds here in Maryland recently shows the need for these laws. The need to discriminate is something that will probably always exist in any society but it is nice to live in a County that takes a stand against this form of discrimination.

This weekend I ran past a house that made me wonder about some people.  The property was surrounded by a chain link fence with warning signs about attack guard dogs.  On the back window of the truck parked in front of the house was lettering that said "Choose Hostility."  The Library's efforts in its "Choose Civility" program has had many spin off bumper stickers and most stay with a positive theme.  But obviously others see civility as something to mock.  What really made me think was children's bikes and hot wheels in the yard.  I can't imagine being a kid in that home


Anonymous said...

So someone's a jerk because they have a chain link fence, some pet dogs and a bumper sticker that mocks your beloved library? Wow. The funny part is you made this comment in a post about discrimination. Lol.

You Columbians are such a mockery of yourselves.

duanestclair said...

Hey Anonymous,
You would give your comments more credibility if you put you name to your comments. I put my name on my blog.