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Monday, October 5, 2020

An extrovert's take on a loss in a pandemic

    One of life's pleasures is to experience new random social contacts with people.  For me, every person is a possible interesting contact that can enrich one's life.  These days I miss being friendly with people who I randomly pass.  During my morning runs, I always try to look at people and smile just to see their reaction.  In the past, that may have brought on a smile or a hello from the person I passed.  Since the pandemic, we have told to socially distance.  I have noticed how much people avoid my eye contact.  Often people deliberately go around me in a wide circle to keep as much distance from me as possible.  I know that what they are doing is for both of our benefits but it still makes me feel sad that they might see me as someone to avoid.   

    Smiling at children in the checkout line or making funny faces at them to get them to laugh is no longer accepted as behavior appropriate in a time of avoiding social contact.

    I really look forward to a time when shaking a hand or greeting a friend with a hug is considered safe again.  Or getting a giggle out of a child in the grocery store.

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