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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Evening the score

     We listen to the frustration and appeals of Democrats to find enough Republican senators to stop the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice until there has been a decision in the election.  We should never expect Republicans to solve this issue in a non-partisan manner.  Democrats should decide to take control of the issue and work to win the presidential election and take back the Senate.  Then, Congress should pass a law expanding the Court by 4 more members and have President Biden sign the new law.  Biden should nominate Merritt Garland and 3 women to make the Court the liberal court that we should have if the Republicans hadn't taken that away with their partisan politics.  I know that Biden has said he doesn't support expanding the court but let's see how he feels after the Supreme Court kills Obamacare.   Anyone who thinks this politicizes the Court should remember that Republicans did that in the 2000 election.  The Republicans have lost the majority of our citizens and only have an interest in holding power by controlling the courts.  Democrats have the majority on most of today's issues and shouldn't give up that power to the diminishing numbers of Republicans.  I am tired of only one side using their power to influence the courts. Democrat officials quit complaining and take back the power.  Time for the Dems to play hardball or get out of the game.


   77% of Americans support keeping Roe v. Wade

   55% of Americans support Obamacare

   62% of Americans think that the Bader seat should be filled by the president elected in November

P.S. 1

"the current court is an “affront to democracy: 15 of the last 19 Supreme Court justices were nominated by Republicans, despite the fact that Republicans have lost the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections. Four of the five conservatives currently on the court were appointed by Republicans who took office despite losing the popular vote.”

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