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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Why we should never expect Trump to take responsibility for his stupidity

    From blaming everything on Obama and firing everyone who tries to restrain him, Trump's fragile ego will never allow him to own up to his mistakes.  He is now threatening to withhold funding from the World Health Organization because they believed China's misinformation and didn't warn the world of the danger of a pandemic.   Of course, this is exactly what Trump himself did. This is a pattern that Trump has used often in the past to shift blame from himself.
     Presently one of the books I am reading is "Dark Towers-the Story of Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction."  The book details how Trump defaulted on most loans he used to finance his properties.  Deutsche Bank was the only one that would consider loaning him money.  One theory is that Deutsche Bank washed dirty money from Russian billionaires.  The Trump connection to Russians often came through this arrangement.  Trump has been willing to work with the Mafia to build his buildings.  Often building unions in New York have Mafia connections.   Understanding this background with Trump helps us understand why he has so many problems with honest people.
      The book talks about how when Trump was building his Trump Towers in Chicago he was going to default on the loan to Deutsche Bank during the housing downturn in 2008.   Here is how the book describes what happened. 

"When the 2008 financial crisis arrived, Trump still owed $334 million on ­Deutsche Bank’s loan for his Chicago skyscraper. With the economy sinking, nobody was buying the luxury apartments in the building. As the loan’s due date approached that November, Trump filed a lawsuit, trying to void the loan because of the financial crisis, which he accused ­Deutsche Bank of having helped ignite. He sought damages of $3 billion. "

      Trump blamed the bank for creating the situation rather than the fact he had overextended himself in a bad real estate deal.  Any surprise he blames Obama for creating the problems we are having with the pandemic?

     Oh no, Eddie Haskell is dead!   Haven't we all known an "Eddie Haskell?"

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