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Saturday, May 2, 2020

If you think Zoom has taken meetings to a new place wait till virtual reality meeting technology is here

     Many of us have discovered the remote meeting potential with Zoom and other remote meeting programs.   I can only imagine the discussions that will take place when businesses decide that employees should return to the office setting.  Working remotely has clearly shown that being in the office is not as necessary to work effectively as it was once thought.  Of course hopefully, for parents, kids being back in school will make it easier to continue working from home.
    While Zoom is good to conduct meetings wait till meetings can happen remotely tied to virtual reality.  We can see how virtual reality is used in video gaming programs.  Virtual reality applications have only scratched the surface in useful applications.   Imagine attending college lectures in virtual reality, attending conferences, touring national parks, attending plays and concerts or shopping for a house with virtual reality tours.  For nursing home residents and other homebound individuals, the possibilities are fantastic.  Image experiencing space flight through virtual reality.  If you have ever experienced the virtual reality of the Mission Space ride at Epcot in DisneyWorld you know how real the experience is.  Designers of that ride have even figured out how to give you a small dose of less gravity that can make you get nauseous.
     Someday we will look back at Zoom the way we today look back at 9-inch black and white TV's.

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