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Sunday, May 3, 2020

When you know you are not in Columbia anymore

Bacchanalia of buffoonery'? Harsh words, but reopening businesses ...

    Yesterday wanting to just get out of the house and not having used much gas recently it seemed like a good day to take a car ride.  I wasn't aware that the "Reopen Maryland" folks had planned a protest day for yesterday.  Riding out Route 70 in Western Howard County we saw demonstrators on an overpass and on the road in trucks with American flags, Trump flags, Don't Tread on Me flags and a few Confederate flags. I wasn't sure what it was about it until I saw a sign that said Reopen MD.  At least I didn't see anyone with an AK-47 like in Michigan.  I have to admit that I don't always know how I feel about the right way to address the pandemic.  When I hear that 1 to 2 million Americans could die if we just went for herd immunity the path of isolation at home makes sense but will we end up close to that number before we get a vaccine?  Maybe it will buy us time for a treatment to be discovered.

     The death toll in nursing homes in Maryland shows how vulnerable these places are to the virus.  In Maryland and Pennsylvania almost half of the deaths in the state are in nursing homes.  Any plan to address the virus has to find a way to reduce the risk for nursing home patients.

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