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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Run to where the action is moving

      This weekend Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens was selected for induction into the Football Hall of Fame.  For non sports readers this may have gone unnoticed but I wanted to point out something that made Ed the best player that relates to non sport activities.  The truly great sports players don't react to where the action is but through athletic ability and practice develop the ability to know where the action is going and begin to move to the position they need to be in quickly enough to meet the play.  Wayne Gretzky in hockey did the same thing.  He moved to where the puck was going to go and not where it was.  That was the ability that made Gretzky and Reed the best at what they did.
      So how does not moving to where the action is moving apply to non sports areas?  We see it all the time in the business world.  Do you know which company had the patent on digital photography?  Kodak but they were too invested in film technology to make the switch that other companies made that didn't have an investment in film.  Know who had the first computer technology? Xerox.
   We see it being played out everyday.  People proposing solutions to yesterday's problems.  Kind of like moving to where the puck was.  Bringing back blue collar jobs when robots will replace most of these jobs.  Saying you will bring back coal jobs when solar and wind is already creating the most jobs in the energy sector.  Colleges putting millions of dollars into sports facilities and other buildings when online education is growing rapidly.
    Success is all about "moving to where the ball is going" to take advantage of opportunities.

     Where is the fastest growing sports?  It is not baseball and football.  One is Lacrosse and this other sport.     

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