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Sunday, February 10, 2019

One way to reduce political scandal

   With what is going on in Virginia "the Ol' Confederate Capitol State" it seems they maybe down to having the Capitol janitor elevated to the top office in the state.  Virginia has to change its slogan from "Virginia is for lovers" to "I got through college without doing blackface."  With the political scandals going on with Virginia and DC it seems that we would be better off electing even more women.  The Republicans seem not to have gotten that message when you look at their side of the House shown below.

Image result for women in congress 2019

They seem to have left it up to the Democrats to make this change.  Just wait till 2020 to see this tide wash over DC.

Image result for women in white at state of the union

      I am trying to remember the last political scandal involving a woman.  I am coming up dry.

P.S. 1
      You have probably seen this by now if you are a liberal on Facebook but here it is for the rest of you.

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