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Monday, June 12, 2017

A few Bill Mahr observations

   Bill Maher's Real Time HBO show is a must watch for any liberal these days.  Here is a little of his humor.

Is this just the way the World is rubbing our faces in the ground with their leaders?

French President Macron

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

Our gloriously Electoral College elected leader

Bill has pointed out traits of Trump that resemble those of a dictator

1)  appoint members of your family as close advisors
2)  you hate the press and talk about jailing reporters and your political opponents
3)  blur the line between public duties and personal financial gain
4)  repeatedly lie even when there is evidence to the contrary
5)  people have to constantly flatter you to keep their jobs
6)  put your name on everything you do
7)  you love missile parades
8)  you have better relationships with other dictators than democratically elected leaders
9)  your rallies are really scary

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