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Friday, March 31, 2017

Newtown documentary on PBS


   This Monday April 3rd on PBS at 9 pm "The Independent Lens" program will be a film of the killing of kindergarten children in Newtown and the impact on the families and the town.  The remark of one parent was that the right to own a semi automatic gun should not be more important than the right of children to be safe in a school.  I have blogged before on my never understanding the "gun culture" in our Country and the insanity of the need to own a semi automatic weapon.  I have little faith that we will ever be able to be a sane Country when it comes to guns.
    Set your DVR to record or watch this show.

    Every time I hear the name of "Newtown" I think how this should have been been the name of Columbia.  Having said that I do like the name Columbia.

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