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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cars defaced in Howard County

      What we have seen in the past 18 months from Donald Trump has been one form of hate and anger directed at immigrants, a disabled reporter, the news media, our intelligence community and women has unleashed actions of hate and vandalism that has even reached into our local community.  While actions from both the extreme right and left has its troublemakers the words and actions of a person like the President bring a level of discourse that reaches new limits.   To speak out after the fact to decry the actions that you indirectly encouraged with your words is disingenuous.

    It is especially troubling to see that the labeling of immigrants as criminals by the President has encouraged local vandals to deface cars around our County.  Actions like this are terrorism in that they are designed to create fear in our community.  The tone, words and actions of the current Administration are the precursor to the more extreme actions of the vandals.  Your code words are understood for what they represent to those who want to use intimidation and violence against the people and groups you degrade.  Degrading a group is the first step in bringing on violence against that group.  President Obama was mocked as being "politically correct" for not falsely labeling groups and carefully choosing his words.  There is no virtue in being politically incorrect when you degrade and mock individuals, groups and the media falsely.


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