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Monday, January 30, 2017

How to try to control the media

   The former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains how a Trump tries to control any different voices than his own.


Anonymous said...

Wait, Trump Controlling the Media?? Now that is the funniest oxymoron in the year.
I think Americans all know the Mainstream media I DEAD. The age of corporate and advertiser based reporting is over as people flee and search for independent sources not aligned to special interests.
Trump won without the media and made history being the first to win without big TV spending but by direct online reach to people.
Down with the fake mainstream media news... they are no longer relevant and getting desparate

duanestclair said...

Controlling the media was probably a poor choice of words. Trump doesn't control the media but he does seem to want to control the public dialogue even more than most presidents. He can try but it is important that the mainstream media remain an independent voice that tries to identify facts from opinion.