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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Columbia vs. the rest of Howard County returns

    When I moved to Columbia in the 1970's the political split in the County was very noticeable.  There were two Democratic Clubs- one liberal in Columbia and one conservative in Ellicott City.  The liberal population that bought into Rouse's planned city was a cultural shock to Howard County residents who were mostly conservative.  Columbia's population controlled Howard County politics starting in the 1980's.  As with the rest of conservatives nationally, the conservative Howard County Democrat voters began switching to the Republican party.  This story is told very well with the series that Len Lazarick has been telling to celebrate Columbia's 50th birthday.
     So it is somewhat surprising to see the same political dichotomy show up with the recently introduced Council bill on becoming a sanctuary county.  The supporters were largely represented by the liberal Columbia community and the opponents were heavily represented by residents from Elkridge and Western Howard County.  Maybe things haven't changed as much as we would like to think.


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